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Symfony2 over-optimized bug 
I am glad to see that I am not the only one becoming more disappointed by Symfony2 with each release. The latest blog post on the Sf2 dev site made everybody laugh (nervously):

Symfony2 RC5 has been over-optimized. Unfortunately, this leads to pages taking over 30 seconds under certain circumstances in the development environment

In a nutshell it seems the goals of Sf2 are theoretical rather than practical - every design pattern must be fully implemented - resulting in a framework that is a factory for hammer factories when all you need is a hammer
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Global Media Empire is now 100% solar powered 
After waiting 2 months for a new meter while our 3.33kW solar array sat dormant on the roof, we are now hooked up to the grid. Our panels are already generating more power than the business uses - and we're in the middle of winter!

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The *real* way to run Symfony tasks from crontab 
If you follow the instructions on the Symfony site on how to send emails from the spool using crontab you will get an exception:

*/5 * * * * root /var/www/myproject/symfony project:send-emails --application=backend --env=prod

The reason is that Symfony can't locate itself when running from the user's home directory. Even if you use PEAR to install Symfony you will get an error stating that Symfony must be run from a project directory.

The simple answer, which should be on the Symfony site, is to add a cd command to the cronjob first:

*/5 * * * * root cd /var/www/myproject && ./symfony project:send-emails --application=backend --env=prod

And you're done...
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PHPstorm & symfony 
Well I must say I am impressed with the framework/command line tools built into JetBrains' PHPstorm.

From your project settings you can 'add framework', select symfony and then PHPstorm will interrogate your project, locate your symfony script and then extract all available command line parameters and options. Then, running a symfony command is simply a matter of selecting it from the list when you type "s" into the "run command" dialog.

For a more detailed description check the JetBrains blog here.

Also you get 50% off until April 30 so it's a bargain as well...
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Bug Features update - projects and technologies keeping me quiet 
It's been a long time between posts so I thought I'd write a quick summary of what's been keeping my attention away from this site lately.

I've started on a couple of new web projects - a big one in Symfony2 and a small one in CodeIgniter. Now there's nothing wrong with CodeIgniter, I actually quite like it, but it does constantly remind me why I like Symfony so much...

Also been building some cross-platform phone apps using PhoneGap and the awesome best-kept-secret Jo JavaScript framework. After really wanting to use jQueryMobile (as per my last post) - not only is it a bit slow to come online, but it is also painfully slow on my Google dev phone 2 - which is why I went with Jo, which is fast, lightweight and beautifully written.

Also been doing some work on the front end with jQueryUI and Blueprint CSS. I will be glad to leave ExtJS behind after a few years of use...

Also started work on an iPhone game using iTorque.

And finally, have been flat chat developing and marketing my flagship Android app Business Time.

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jQuery mobile alpha released 
And so the wait is (mostly) over. Not a bad turnaround for an alpha in 2 months... off to download and play with it now.

http://jquerymobile.com/2010/10/jquery- ... -released/
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It's very rare something comes along and makes me think "I want it NOW!", but jQueryMobile looks great. This could be what jqTouch and iui never quite were...
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Web remote control for virtualbox machines 
I am fond of web-based control panels for desktop software. Being a big user of virtualbox (and php), this was a good find...

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PHP for android 
And now you can PHP scripts on your android phone. I'm gonna think of a reason I might want this, I know I am...
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Local variables with xdebug, PHP 5.3 and netbeans 
If you aren't seeing your local variables when debugging PHP 5.3 with xdebug you can upgrade to xdebug 2.1 to set things right...

details here:

http://phphints.wordpress.com/2010/06/2 ... bug-2-0-5/

and here:

http://icephoenix.us/php/xdebug-doesnt- ... lipse-pdt/
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